does anyone remember this post?

also, all i wanna do right now is make out with a hot guy who equally wants to make out with me

is that too much to ask for



why are you doing this to me again

this is now the second time you’ve done this - saying you want to be friends, and then ignoring me for months.

you have no idea the kind of stress this puts me under. you have no idea. i was just starting to get better, finally.

you can’t just go messing around with people’s emotions because you feel like it.

i just

i can’t. i can’t do it again.

at work the other day, some girl asked me if my hair was real.

seriously, who asks that type of question? i don’t fucking know you. yes my hair is real, but what if it wasn’t? you don’t ask a stranger that type of thing.

that’s like asking a larger sized person when they’re due, as in they must be pregnant.

i just



Jon Stewart vs. People Who Don’t Understand How Birth Control works

aka John Stewart is smarter than almost everyone.


I don’t understand how people are so unwilling to accept the fact that the vast, vast majority of late term abortions happen for medical reasons. Like, do they really think that women find out they’re pregnant and think, “Shit, I don’t want this baby. I could have a pretty painless and not invasive procedure now but I think I’m going to wait six months and have major surgery on a third trimester foetus instead.”

"Gay Pride was not born of a need to celebrate being gay, but our right to exist without persecution. So instead of wondering why there isn’t a Straight Pride movement, be thankful you don’t need one."
Anonymous  (via dannfielsommer)


It would be greatly appreciated if people stopped comparing abortion to the Holocaust and Nazism, and also refrained from using the events of WWII to prop up their arguments.  These situations are not related.  It is inappropriate and insulting to those affected and their memory.